Orange you blue it’s time to go

On our last full day in Finland we opted to explore the streets and surrounds of Helsinki. We were rewarded with lovely weather, which really brought out the colours of the city. When going through the photos to put this blog post together, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the images were tied together by a common colour palette – orange and blue. It’s not just the famous market stands that are orange in Helsinki, you can also find it on awnings, in churches and the whole of the city is painted in it in the light of the setting sun.
Once again, the images in this post are a mix of digital and film. This time I shot a roll of Kodak Ektachrome slide film and am very happy with how the images came out, especially given the harsh lighting conditions.
With this post the sequence on Finland is brought to an end. I hope that you enjoyed seeing Finland through the lens of my camera and I could inspire you to visit this beautiful country!

An unserem letzten Tag in Finnland entschieden wir uns die Strassen und die Umgebung von Helsinki zu entdecken. Wir wurden mit herrlichem Wetter belohnt, dass die Farben der Stadt hervorgehoben hat. Als ich durch die Bilder für diesen Eintrag geschaut habe, war es mir schnell klar, dass die Bilder durch eine gemeinsame Farbpalette verbunden sind – Orange und Blau. Es sind nicht nur die bekannten Marktstände, die orange gefärbt sind. Die Farbe ist auch an den Markisen und in der Kirche zu erkennen und die ganze Stadt ist damit bemalt zum Sonnenuntergang.
Die Bilder in diesem Eintrag sind wieder eine Mischung aus digitalen und analogen Aufnahmen. Dieses Mal habe ich Kodak Ektachrome Diafilm in die geretteten Kamera geladen und ich bin mehr als zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen, insbesondere darum, dass das Licht am Tag so grell und kontrastreich war.
Mit diesem Eintrag findet die Reihe über Finnland ein Ende. Ich hoffe, dass ihr es genossen habt, Finnland durch meine Linse zu betrachten und dass ich euch inspirieren konnte, dieses wunderschöne Land zu bereisen!


5 thoughts on “Orange you blue it’s time to go

  1. Very beautiful weather! I’ll be heading to Helsinki in a little under a fortnight with my parents (funny how we’re always missing each other) and I hope we’ll get a few days like that. Would be a shame if they travelled all the way to Europe only to see dark skies and grey clouds. What did you like most about the city?

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    1. Oh, that’s great! Have fun over there!
      Our best memories are actually from things we did outside of the city, going kayaking in the ocean and hiking through Nuuksio National Park. Near the train station is a newly laid out parkland, which is a nice place to relax and over to the eastern side of the city is a collection of small islands, with one housing the Helsinki Zoo. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening walk over to the islands, though don’t forget to pack a jacket as it can get quite cold after nightfall. Otherwise I like heading over to the markets to see what the local craftsmen and -women are offering.
      As for chasing each other around Europe – yes, it does seem we’ve been doing a bit of that! I don’t have too many travel plans for the rest of the year, but I might be in Athens in October. I don’t suppose you are planning to head down there as well?

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      1. Ah, cool! I don’t know if my folks would want to venture outside the city, but visiting markets seems like something that’d be interested in. Heh apart from my upcoming Helsinki/Stockholm trip, I haven’t any other travel plans for the year. Maybe a weekend trip to Düsseldorf every now and then but that’s about it. I shan’t be in Athens unfortunately, but if you’re ever in western Germany, the Netherlands or Flemish Belgium there’s a very good chance we might bump into each other! 😉


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