Taking the trip to Tallinn

E: For the final leg of our summer vacation, we headed back south to Helsinki. We had been to Helsinki two years previously and so we were keen to spend at least a little time away from the city centre and see something new. Before the trip, some friends had suggested taking the ferry from Helsinki to one of the cities on the other side of the Baltic Sea. We flip-flopped back and forth with our opinions until the night before, when I bit the bullet and bought the ferry tickets. Mostly just to try something new. Tallinn was the obvious choice of destination due to its proximity and more or less being the sister city of Helsinki. So, come the day, we packed our backpacks and set out for adventure.

Not knowing exactly what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised with the comfortable journey and the two-hour trip passed by quite quickly. After arriving and having a bite to eat, we set about exploring the old town. The old town in Tallinn is very charming and, given that it was a Sunday, was filled with tourists like us enjoying strolls down the many cobbled laneways. After exploring in and around the old town for the better part of the day, we headed down to the beach to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. Shortly afterwards it was time to return to the harbour for a relaxing voyage back to Helsinki.

To document the trip I brought along my newly rescued camera, loaded with black and white film, as well as a digital companion for more tightly cropped shots. Below you’ll find a collection of photos from the day, which I have edited to play on the high contrast lighting conditions of the day. It is something a bit different from my typical presentation, but I quite like the departure from the norm.

D: Für den letzten Teil unserer Sommerferien fuhren wir wieder in Richtung Süden nach Helsinki. Wir haben Helsinki das erste Mal vor zwei Jahren besucht und hatten dementsprechend Lust die fernere Umgebung anzuschauen und nicht nur den Stadtkern. Einige Freunde von uns haben vorgeschlagen, dass wir einen Tagesausflug mit der Fähre  machen könnten. Bis zur letzten Minute haben wir unsere Meinung darüber immer wieder geändert, und dann schliesslich entschieden, dass wir doch über das Meer  fahren. Hauptsächlich einfach um irgendwas Neues auszuprobieren. Tallinn war das offensichtliche Reiseziel, da die Stadt relativ schnell erreichbar ist und viele Ähnlichkeiten mit Helsinki teilt. Und so am Frühmorgen des Reisetags haben wir unsere Rücksäcke gepackt und suchten Abenteuer.

Ohne Erfahrung mit solchen Schifffahrten, wussten wir nicht was zu erwarten war, waren aber dann mit der sehr bequemen Meeresüberquerung positiv überrascht. Nach unserer Ankunft fanden wir einen schönen Ort zum Mittagessen und gingen dann weiter Richtung Altstadt. Die Altstadt von Tallinn ist sehr hübsch und, weil es Sonntag war, war sie mit Touristen wie uns gefüllt, die begeistert entlang der Kopfsteingassen spazierten. Nachdem wir die Altstadt einige Stunden lang entdeckt haben, gingen wir dann zum Strand und haben den Sonnenschein des späten Nachmittags genossen. Kurz danach war es schon Zeit zum Hafen zurück zu gehen und wieder nach Helsinki zu fahren.

Um unsere Reise zu dokumentieren, habe ich zwei Kameras mitgebracht, die neulich gerettete mit Schwarzweiss Film und eine Digitale für Bilder, wo eine längere Brennweite nötig war. Unten findet ihr eine Reihe von Fotos, die ich während der Reise gemacht habe. Den Kontrast der Bilder habe ich etwas erhöht, um mit dem grellen Sonnenlicht zu spielen. Diese Art der Bearbeitung ist anders als was ich normalerweise machen würde, aber ich bin mehr als zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen.


5 thoughts on “Taking the trip to Tallinn

  1. Ha, I was also in Tallinn just this past week! 😀 I stood in exactly the same spots as you did as seen in some of your photos. We might’ve even walked past each other without realising it! Where did you go to make the waterside photos, though? I would’ve loved to see more of the Baltic Sea. The film you used has a lovely grain, by the way.

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    1. Thanks Ian! We were in Tallinn back in June, so I guess we missed each other by a couple of months. It certainly would have been funny to bump into each other, though!
      The beach pictures were taken here: Patarei Harbor, Linnahalli Pier, not far around from the town centre.
      The film used is Ilford FP4 and I must also admit to being pleasantly surprised by the grain after pushing the film some.
      Have you posted your photos from Tallinn yet? I’d love to see what you saw during your trip!


      1. Whoops I thought I replied, pardon the delay!

        Ahh Patarei, ok! Did you also see the graffiti apparently signed by Banksy at the Patarei entrance? I still don’t know if it was really him or not.

        I’ve not posted my Tallinn photos from this trip yet, but I do have posts from last year’s visit to the city, as well as other parts of Estonia!

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      2. No worries Ian.
        We didn’t see the graffiti, unfortunately, though I have to admit I only had eyes for the sea at that point.
        I’ll take a look at your blog posts from Estonia. I’ve heard that the countryside is really pretty, but I’ve not had the chance to experience it myself.
        Did you enjoy your most recent trip to Tallinn?

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      3. Yes I did! I didn’t see as much as I did last year because I also wanted some time to rest. But it was a little bizarre just how familiar I found the place. It really didn’t seem like I was last there over a year ago! Plus it’s so convenient to fly from Utrecht to Tallinn, and get to the city centre, that it felt like a trivial trip to some other place. I felt happy seeing the Baltic Sea, at any rate! I hope to do more of that in Helsinki. 😀


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