Lining up

Are lines endless simply because the extremities  lie outside your field of vision?
Or do you use your past experiences to know that these lines are defined by trees, finite in every sense?

My first entry into the photography challenge for this week is a special one for me. This is one of the last photos that I took with my Olympus OM-D E-M1, before I sold it to a friend of mine. This was the camera that inspired me to start the blog and accompanied me on many travels. Thanks Olympus for making such a well rounded and dependable camera!


Once again, here are five other photography challenge entries that I enjoyed this week:
Notes from a “line-lover” by Madame Zenista
Lines by Ohm Sweet Ohm
Frost under the Moonlight by From hiding to blogging
Photo challenge; lines by tnkerr
Lines of ice at dusk by David M’s photo blog


Sind Linien endlos, einfach weil die Extremitäten sich ausserhalb deiner Vision befinden?
Oder kannst du deine Erfahrung benutzen, um zu wissen, dass die Linien sich durch Bäume definieren und endlich in jedem Sinn des Wortes sind?

Mein erster Eintrag für die Fotografie Herausforderung für diese Woche ist etwas besonders für mich. Das Foto ist eins von den letzten, das ich mit meiner Olympus OM-D E-M1 gemacht habe, bevor ich sie an einen Kollegen verkauft habe. Diese Kamera war die, die mich dazu inspiriert hat, mit diesem Blog anzufangen und hat mich auf vielen Reisen begleitet. Danke Olympus für eine hervorragende und zuverlässige Kamera.


9 thoughts on “Lining up

    1. Gern geschehen tnkerr! Dein Foto (von eine Gebäudefassade?) ist wirklich schön.
      These days I am mostly using Fujifilm X-series cameras for my photography. I feel like the output is really good for the size and prefer the handling of the cameras to anything else I’ve ever used. The only issue I have with them is that Lightroom really messes up my nature images (particularly rocks and foliage). Using a different RAW converter can fix this, though.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words Allan!

      I like Ansel’s work very much, so I am quite chuffed that my image reminds you of his. I actually don’t know Elliot Porter’s work, so it looks as if I have some research to do. Thanks for the tip!

      With pleasure Allan! I really liked the abstract manner in which you were able to photograph the wooden building(s). There are lines going every which way and it just keeps becoming more interesting the further I scroll down!

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